Category: DevOps

AWS – Automating EBS Snapshots (Create & Delete after X Days) using Bash and Cron

This guide will show you how you can automate the AWS EBS volume snapshots on specified EC2 Instances whilst also checking and deleting any volume snapshots older than X days using a simple Bash script with AWS CLI. Pre-Requisites You will need some pre-requisites before starting: AWS CLI An EC2 Instance with EBS Storage Python ...

Graylog – Basic Installation with HTTPS/SSL Configuration

Graylog is an open source tool that provides central log management, simple visualizations, alerting and dashboards. It can also use Kafka as an Input node (basically using Kafka as an alternative to Logstash or syslog if need be) It can be seen as an open source alternative to Splunk, where it makes use of a ...